"Triangle Museum Grounds is a place where the past greets the present"

The Church

churchThe Church at our site is truly a historical building.
The following is a synopsis of its history: Shortly after High Prairie was founded, which occurred just after the railroad came through in 1914, some people wanted a Protestant Church, in addition to the Anglican Church already present. After the formation of the United Church of Canada in 1925, the new Church sent a missionary, T.F. McGregor, to High Prairie to help organize a new church. On February 26, 1926, McGregor held a meeting in Prairie River School house. Mr. G.A. Kettyla was appointed secretary, and Mr. C.S. Spaulding donated land, which the group accepted.

A church board was also formed. The board's main objective was to raise money to build a church. In June of 1926, with the leadership of Rev. S.W. Thompson, work was begun on a Church building. Mr. Spaulding and N.A. Cunningham, with the use of Mr. Cunningham's and Mr. Jack Napier's Van Teams, broke the sod and prepared the site for the new building. Its construction started in 1926, and it was dedicated for service on October 10th.

The church represents the coming together of the community; it was built thanks to many donations: land, lumber, and teams of horses were borrowed.